Columbia Boiler Company

The Columbia Boiler Company (CBC) manufactures steel boilers, exclusively for commercial/industrial and residential use. The plant located at Pottstown, Pennsylvania is the only plant represented by union workers, United Steelworkers of America (USWA Local 9455-04). rnrnCommercial line of boilers includes: GL/L series, WL series, Multi-pass Horizontal, Keystone and a commercial hot water heater-CWH series. Industrial products include: CT series, HRT series, Keystone series, and MPH series Waste Oil Heaters: L24, WL60, HRT20. Residential products include: Emerald, Five Star, and LV/LVDrnrnFor Commercial use: 610-323-2700, 610-323-7292 (fax)rnFor Residential sales: 610-473-8457, 610-367-6800 (fax)rnEmail: cbcsales@columbiaboiler.comrn

Columbia Boiler 72 9455-04