Corwin Knives Inc.

The Corwin Rifle Stock Hunting Knife: Hold the power of a 440C stainless steel blade. Feel the elegance of the solid black walnut handle. Own the perfect union of a blade and a firearm. Perfect as a gift, or as an addition to your own collection, the Corwin Rifle Stock Hunting Knife is exceptionally crafted by skilled IAM members to be both functional and beautiful. (Custom engraving on knife handles including individual names, union and corporate logos is available on request. The following unions have given permission for use of their union logo: IAM, IBEW, PACE, Ironworkers, CWA, Locomotive Engineers, Bricklayers and Elevator Constructors.) knives, hunting, skinning SHOP ON LINE: Downloadable order forms are also available on the Corwin web site.

Corwin Knives IAM 475