Pilkington North America, Building Products

The Pilkington North America, Building Products, founded in 1826, is one of the world’s largest manufactures of glass and glazing products for the building and automotive industries. rnWorkers at Pilkington’s Ottawa Illinois facility (one of 25 Pilkington manufacturing plants) are represented by the USW. The facility produces glass products for the architectural, residential, automotive and specialty markets, with uses including: energy management, fire protection, facades, control, safety (reduction of impact, shattering and fracturing), and security. Special coatings, tints, laminations and silvering are available, as is rolled and wired glass. rnBrand names include: Energy Advantage, Activ, Solar E, TEC, and Optic AR. rnrn

Energy Advantage, Activ, Solar E, TEC, Optitec AR 72 19, District 7 sub 1