Precoat Metals

Precoat Metals applies a wide variety of protective and decorative coatings to coils of steel and aluminum in a continuous process precisely calibrated to provide consistent, even coating of the substrate. In addition, the company offers supporting services such as printing, embossing and slitting. rnWe are the largest coater of building products in the United States today. Our nine production lines provide sufficient capacity to coat more than one million tons of metal a year. rnPrecoat’s extenisve product line includes: interior ceiling panels for sound deadening and control; office partitions; roofing systems; plastisol with embossed wood grains for entrance doors (to be stained in the field); white textured coatings, stucco embossed, rustic cedar wood grain print with Stucco embossing for mobile home applications; simulated wood grain materials for appliances and lighting fixtures; automotive trim; corrosion resistant finishes for exterior products, including roofs, siding doors, garage doors and air conditioners and pieces for office furniture.

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