Remington Arms. Co., Inc.

At the world-renowned Remington Firearms Plant and Custom Shop in Ilion NY, UMWA members service all varieties of Remington rifles and shotguns and perform special work including custom engraving, carving and modifications. UMWA members build the following Remington firearms: Center-fire bolt action rifles - Model 700, Model Seven, Model 700 Muzzle Loader and the Model 673; Rim-Fire rifles - Model 552 (autoloader), Model 572 (pump) and Model 541 (bolt action); Shotguns - Model 1100 (pump), Model 11-87 (pump), Model 870 (pump), Model SP-10 (pump), Model 332 Over/Under (modified box lock), Model 7400 (autoloader) and the Model 7600(pump).

Remington 46 717 District 2