Businesses Found: 2022

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    • The Local Credit Union

      We were founded in 1949 by UAW members who decided that it was important to have a credit union of their own. Our website can be found at

    • The Printing Press, LTD

      A full service commercial printer specializing in offset lithography. We do all our printing on-site and work with a wide range of agencies and designers, as well as our own design staff, to bring our client's vision to reality.

    • Union Vitamins

      We are a health conscious, dedicated team of believers in the power of nutrition. So dedicated in fact, that we hand-craft our supplements in small batches using only the purest ingredients. This process enables us to make our products "truly" additive free. In other words, there are absolutely no additives, binders, flow agents — nothing but pure ingredients. With no unwanted ingredients and with nutrients at their best forms, you get only what works. Join us on this journey outside of the mainstream, and you may just discover solutions to problems that have thus far seemed unsolvable. This may result in increased levels of optimism and a sense of responsibility to actually change your life for the better. OUR MISSION: Create powerful vitamins and supplements that help right the imbalance of a modern diet and lifestyle, so you can feel your best. Here's to WELLNESS!


      American and Union Made promotional items including T shirts, hats, stickers, lapel pins, buttons, bags and signage.

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