Does Your Union Buy Union?

I am the shop steward at a CWA Local  7818 represented print shop in the Inland Northwest. The company, Lo-Go, prints banners, stickers, decals and does embroidery and silkscreen. We also manufacture specialty items like tote bags, bandanas and other special projects to fulfill Union made/Union printed requests. We started making our own items in-house because we were having a hard time sourcing union-made, American-made products. We thought manufacturing these products in-house would bring us the support of local area unions looking to ‘buy-union,’ but instead we’ve seen far too many unions choose the non-union route.

If we can’t rely on our local unions to buy-union then why be a union company.

I urge you as union members and leaders to seek out union-made in the USA products and services.

Changes have got to be made not only for us but for all of the smaller union shops out there that are struggling. If a Union logo is printed, it had better have been printed by a Union shop — period. If a politician is receiving Union contributions, they must use Union labor — period. Members need to be educated on what to look for  — if they are wearing items showing their Union solidarity, they need to know that what they are wearing has been made in the USA and printed using Union labor — period.

We hear from many sources that American made items are very hard to find. Call us! We can find what is needed or we will make it!

Please contact us at with any comments or requests.