I belong to IAM&AW Local Lodge 656 in Nitro, West Virginia. Next July will mark my 20th year at the plant. I serve on our volunteer emergency squad as a firefighter, an EMT and as a HAZMAT technician. I work on a 12-hour swing shift so I spend half my days and half my nights at work. I am also the editor of our union newspaper. My job has been very rewarding to me and my family over these years, but I still love being at home with my kids and 10 grandchildren.

The Bayer Crop Science Plant produces insecticides and other agricultural products.

Ed. Note: In 2008, the Bayer Crop Science Plant in Nitro was the scene of a major explosion that killed two workers. Since that time, Bayer has assigned new management to the facility. In March 2010, the company paid $143,000 in OSHA fi nes related to that incident.