Few workers have Department of Labor Wage and Hour posters in their home office, aka the kitchen or garage for many. Maybe that’s why so many employers can expect, even demand, workers to be on call and productive for many unpaid hours.

Remote employees sometimes feel they cannot take sick days or family leave time when working from home. The threat of retaliation has been real.

Until now, worker complaints of these conditions have been limited, daunted by the fear of unemployment. As the labor market opens up, remote workers discontented with their jobs’ pay, hours, surveillance, and other requirements may be less fearful of expressing their discontent.

The Labor Movement is the natural remedy for these problems. The strikes by workers victimized by greedy employers described in this issue of the Label Letter should encourage remote workers that concerted action can bring results.

President Biden’s infrastructure bill is about to pump vitality into the economy. His Build Back Better measure will do more since it expands services like childcare benefits. Job opportunities will increase.

All of which is to say that workers face a future with more opportunity and more freedom to demand fairness. Their best ally is the Labor Movement which speaks for all workers and their families to fight for economic justice.