The Labor Movement, the acknowledged champion of the middle class, indeed according to many its creator, has always been devoted to the economic improvement of the lives of its members and the public at large.

Public employees among them teachers, police, firefighters, nurses and first responders are recognized for their commitment to community service.

Less widely known is the voluntary public service activity undertaken by unions at every level, from local to regional to state to national and International. This issue of the Label Letter publicizes some of that voluntary service. We are putting a Union Label on it.

Across the Labor Movement in communities throughout the United States and Canada, unions large and small are acting on behalf of others. The accounts that we have in this issue are a small representation of those actions. If you know of others, please forward them to us for inclusion in our continuing efforts to publicize the Labor Movement’s community service.

The Union Label Department’s website:; and its Facebook page: feature the Labor Movement’s activities and commitment to community service.

We want to feature your union’s voluntarism news and activities, send information, photos, and contact details via email to: