As the United States approaches another critical election, the decision facing union members is clearer than ever: Donald Trump’s presidency was a relentless assault on workers’ rights, economic security, and the values that unions uphold. Here’s why union members should reject Trump’s presidential bid in November:

Assaults on Our Union Rights

During his presidency, Donald Trump systematically undermined the rights of federal workers and their ability to organize and advocate for fair treatment, including:

  • Attempting to dismantle the merit-based civil service system, allowing managers to discriminate and retaliate against workers with impunity.
  • Restricting union representatives from effectively advocating for their members, severely limiting their ability to negotiate on crucial workplace issues like accommodations, training, overtime, and flexible work arrangements.
  • Illegally imposing anti-union directives, stripping thousands of Department of Education workers of their hard-won rights.
  • Eroding protections at the Department of Veterans Affairs for rank-and-file workers resulting in a significant increase in firings.
  • Turning a blind eye to widespread worker misclassification, denying many employees fair wages and benefits.

Stacked the Deck Against Labor

Trump’s appointments and policies consistently favored corporate interests over working people:

  • He packed the National Labor Relations Board with corporate lawyers, making it harder for workers to organize and negotiate through fair processes.
  • His administration defended and supported “right to work” initiatives, weakening unions and diminishing their power to protect workers.

Hurting Our Pocketbooks

Trump’s economic policies primarily benefited the wealthy while ignoring the needs of working families:

  • He opposed increasing the federal minimum wage, leaving millions of workers struggling to make ends meet.
  • Trump derailed overtime pay protections and undermined rules that safeguard workers’ retirement savings.
  • Outsourcing under his watch reached alarming levels, with federal contractors leading the charge, further endangering American jobs

Broken Promises and Corporate Giveaways

Trump’s promises to revitalize industries and protect American jobs went largely unfulfilled:

  • Despite pledges to support the steel industry, Trump failed to address the influx of cheap steel imports, resulting in significant job losses in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.
  • His administration did not deliver on infrastructure investments that could have created jobs and improved national infrastructure.

Threats to Safety and Health

Trump’s policies jeopardized worker safety and health protections:

He rolled back critical federal safety regulations and inspections, making workplaces more dangerous for millions of Americans.

Trump proposed significant cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and other essential health programs, endangering access to healthcare for millions.

Failure to Govern

Trump’s governance was marked by dysfunction and disregard for working people:

  • His government shutdown left hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay for over a month, highlighting his indifference to their financial security.
  • Trump proposed drastic cuts to the Department of Labor’s budget, undermining job training and workplace safety programs essential for workers’ well-being.

For union members and working families across America, the choice in November is stark. Donald Trump’s presidency consistently favored corporations and the wealthy elite at the expense of workers’ rights, economic security, and safety. His record of broken promises, anti-worker policies, and economic mismanagement should serve as a powerful reminder of what’s at stake. In November, union members must unite to protect their interests and vote for a candidate who respects and champions the rights of working people, President Biden. The future of American workers depends on it.