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Cummins-Allison manufactures money-handling products and office equipment for amusements, coin-op, financial, gaming, retail with accuracy and speed. The company has a very extensive website and it would be advantageous to navigate. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW, LL 48) represents the workers at C-A.rnrnProduct Line: machines for cash strapping, currency strapping, coin sorter, coin counter, currency counting, bill counting, money counting, money counters, coin wrapper, currency wrapper, bill wrapper, endorsers, singers, and imprinters, form handlers, Bursters, automated machine services (AMS), paper shredders, high security paper shredders, check imprinting, perforating, strip cut shredder, cross cut shredder, high security shredder, Money system software (Cash Room Manager), bar code scanner rnrnSelf Service Coin Machine: Model 6683, Model 297; Endorser: Model 288, Model 298; Bill Counter Jet Scan Model 4020; Money Counters: Model 4062, Model 4601, Currency Scanner Model 4062; Money Strapping Model MPS 4101; Coin Wrappers: Model 130, Model 136, Model 1600; Perforator Model 309, Coin Counters: Model 132, Model 136, Model 1600, Model 2000, Model 1401rnrn