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The Kaiser Permanente facilities located in southern California (County of San Bernardino and Riverside) offer affordable individual and family health insurance plans, and child health insurance plans. The United Steelworkers of America (USWA Local 7600) represents various workers at hospitals, clinics and medical offices. They offer direct and supportive health care services provided to members of Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization for the Inland Empire area of Fontana and Riverside. This includes direct patient care, as well as support care through all clerical, maintenance, and technical aspects.rnrnKaiser Permanente is changing the world of health insurance. With an added focus on preventative medicine, nutrition, and exercise, the goal of the Kaiser Permanente health care plan is to get you well, keep you well, and cause your health to thrive. rnrnYou may get a quote and enroll online today for low cost individual, child, family or group plans. Find quality, affordable health insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente right here on the web-http://www.kaisergrouphealth.com. Whether you are looking for a health insurance plan for your business, family, the children, or simply for yourself, you will find quality health insurance coverage at affordable rates on Kaiser Permanente plans. rnrnKaiser Permanente also offers two individual or family health insurance plans without deductibles, the $25 Co-payment Plan (Best coverage!) and the $50 Co-payment Plan. The $1500 Deductible plan has the lowest monthly rate. View plan highlights and rates, decide on a plan, and apply online today. You may enroll as an individual, just sign up the children, or enroll the entire family. You may request information regarding Kaiser Permanente health insurance rates and plans, by calling 877-752-4737.rnrnKaiser Permanente offers affordable small group health insurance plans for groups with 2 to 50 employees. Neither employers nor employees will be denied coverage due to previous health problems, and no health questionnaires are required. The self-employed will qualify for small group coverage. Group health insurance has two added benefits. First, applicants qualify for group rates, which are more affordable. Also, the small group is granted health insurance coverage despite possible pre-existing health conditions. To qualify, the self-employed individual needs at least two entities, himself/herself and one of the following: a business partner, a co-owner, or simply a spouse who files taxes jointly. rnrnKaiser Permanente provides competitive pricing and coverage on health insurance plans for large groups. Groups of 51 or more employees qualify for specialized pricing options. In order to process a large group quote request and to offer your the most competitive health insurance rates, fill out the Large Group Quote Request Form on line. Kaiser Permanente underwriting requires up to 5 business days in order to process large group quote requests for health insurance coverage. If you have further questions, call 877-752-4737 or go on line– http://www.kaisergrouphealth.com/rn