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Saint-Gobain Containers Plant #88

Anheuser Busch, Beechnut, Carnation, Early Times, 72 115T

Saint-Gobain Container located in Dunkirk, IN is a manufacturing plant for commercial use only, which ships to various distributors. USWA Local 115T and GMP 96 & 121 workers represent the plant. Home consumers cannot buy directly from the company; however, the glass and bottle products contain various foods and liquids: pickles, mustard, sauces salsa, jelly, such companies as, Anheuser- Busch, Beechwood, Carnation, Hunts, Kraft, Ragu, Smuckers, etc. All glass containers, jars and bottles have a SG stamp on the bottom or around bottom edge of each glass jar, bottles and containers. rnrnSaint Gorbain Containers are a leading producer of glass packaging for the food and beverage industries, and offer a wide range of capabilities and services. Their headquarters is in Muncie, Indiana (765-741-7000, 741-7012, fax). Saint Gorbain Containers employ more than 5,000 people, and serve the North American market from 16 plants and 2 service centers. For further information, go to and click on “About US” to review detail information (facilities, distributors, glass making, plant design, etc.) Glass packaging is their only product. rnrnDesign: render the customer’s design with closure, label, glass color, contents and decoration. In addition, the ability to blend the art of package designs, with the science of glass making. The company offers solid models where the customers can review designs on their computer using a viewer program, and revisions can be made and viewed in real time. rnLucite models can be cut directly from a solid model file, and models can be measured for overflow capacity and glass weight. Lucite models can be cut directly from a computer file with decorations, surface textures, and threads included. Models can be dyed to match glass color, and be dyed up to the fill point, matching the product color. Multiple copies can be produced, and the necks can be bored out for cork insertion.rnrnTypical Use: Apple cider, Apple rings, Applesauce, Artichoke hearts, BBQ Sauce, Beans, Beer, Beverages, Bouillion cubes, bouillion granules, Brandy, Carbonated beverage, Catsup, Champagne, Cheese, Cherries, Chili Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Cocktails, Dressings, Dried beef, Dry Products, Extracts, Fish, Flavored syrups, Garlic, Gin, Honey, Hot Sauce, Jams, Jellies, Liquor, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Nuts, Oils, Olives, Peanut butter, Peppers, Pickles, Pimentos, Relish, Salad dressing, Salsa, Sauce, Spices, Syrups Tea Vegetables, Vinegar, Wine, Worcestershirern