Electing the right people to office is an important part of ensuring that workers’ rights are protected. The new Working Families Toolkit (www.wftoolkit.org ) — built by the AFL-CIO — aims to make electing the right candidates easy. This web-based tool offers prebuilt materials for virtually every race taking place around the country.

Materials can be ordered as social media ready files and pdf documents that are emailed to you, or they can be printed by the AFL-CIO’s union contracted printer and delivered to you free of charge.

To create materials using the toolkit, visit www.wftoolkit.org to register and follow the prompts. A quick guide to using the toolkit can be found on the Union Label’s website at https://unionlabel.org/download/13880/

Training is available through the AFL-CIO Campaigns Department. Contact Emilia Torre, etorre@aflcio.org to set up your quick 30-minute tutorial today.