This Label Letter carries more news of the Trump administration’s continued attacks on working people, but that’s not the big story.

The big news is fighting back against Trumpian repression. The big news is unions fighting for the health and safety of healthcare workers in the face of Federal government inaction, ineptitude and misinformation during a pandemic.

The big news is the Puerto Rico education system rescue mission organized by the AFT and joined by numerous other unions. This effort is but one of many similar public service campaigns organized or assisted by the Labor Movement.

Our newsletter also has the responses of workers who said “I’m Union because….” The statements range from wages and benefits to speaking to power, from respect in the workplace to solidarity. These are tough times but the comments indicate a spirit that matches the situations we face as working people.

Finally in addition to useful Do Buy information about UAW-built autos, we have a Fact Sheet about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

More information about the virus is available at www.cdc.go/COVID19. Stay abreast of the news about the virus from reliable sources. Misinformation and scams are spreading with the virus.