Widespread support for unions has been growing. Polls across the political spectrum have shown that many Americans see the value of union membership. Union members know what they have won and non-union workers know that union membership is their key to a brighter future.
The UAW’s Stand Up Strike identifies the crux of unionism’s appeal. UAW members are striking to reverse corporate policies that reward top management with extravagant multi-million salaries, benefits and perks, while denying fair wages and benefits to union member employees and to a non-union workforce comprised of tiered employees and temporary workers who have no path forward to a better life.
The inequity of the reward system at the Big Three auto makers, Ford, Stellantis and General Motors is the cause of the strike. Workers see their employers enormous profits which is then lavished on shareholders and top managers. At the same time, their employers deny them improvements to wages and benefits.
The support of union members throughout the Labor Movement is encouraging. President Joe Biden’s support for record contracts for auto workers is powerful testimony for the justice of UAW demands.
Elsewhere, the Writers strike has gotten support, too. TV host Drew Barrymore backed down from staging her show when a public outcry resulted. Once again, workers seek a fair deal and protections against adverse corporate policies.
Supporting these workers and those at Starbucks, Amazon and other employers will help lead to a just workplace where profits are shared by all, not hoarded by the few. ν