In the first hour of his first day as president, Joe Biden requested the resignation of the notorious anti-union National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) general counsel Peter Robb. When Robb refused to resign, Biden fired him.

The next day, Biden fired Alice Stock, who had become the acting general counsel after Robb’s dismissal. Stock, too, was an anti-union Trump appointee.

Ironically, both Stock and Robb have claimed they were fired without cause. Both however, are wrong, as they are at-will employees who served at the pleasure of the president.

The house cleaning at the NLRB is a relief to unions across the country that had become disenfranchised by the agency tasked to protect collective bargaining rights. With Robb at the helm, many unions had stopped filing complaints with the NLRB for fear the management-side lawyer would exploit their complaints to establish radical anti-labor precedents. During his tenure, Robb slashed the NLRB staff, attacked the agency’s own union, and championed the rights of managers over employees.

Biden has since appointed pro-worker member Lauren McFerran as chair. She replaces union-avoidance lawyer John Ring at the helm of the five-seat board. ■