ULSTD President Rich Kline

We are announcing a new database of union made products, union provided service and information ranging from collective bargaining agreements and links to union on sites and other union material.  Call it a new and improved Do Buy List.

Importantly, the new Do Buy list makes it possible to update product and service information along with other pertinent information. It is available on our website: unionlabel.org.

This newly developed database offer the opportunity to union officials and members to submit updated information to keep the data current and accurate.

This major advance will enhance the promotion of union-made products and services by making it easier for consumers to find what thy need and for unions to update their entries.

Additionally, we believe that unions at every level will find the other information incorporated in the database useful in negotiations, organizing  and membership education.

The Union Label Department maintains a true union directory of products and services unlike any other.  We do not include non-union offerings. Our database will serve as a clearing house for those seeking to learn about union products, services and the unions involved. And it will grow more comprehensive as its database expands.

Our new Do Buy list is user friendly and ready for inspection. Find it on our website at unionlabel.org. ■