President Biden on Labor Day said he was and would be the most pro-labor, pro-union, pro-working families President in history. His actions have already proven that claim.
This issue of the Labor Letter backs up the statement with examples. We look forward to more policies and programs the Biden administration will enact.
But for long-lasting impact, any presidential action needs Congressional legislative support. Executive (that is, presidential) action alone may only be in effect until the next Administration if it chooses to go in a different direction.
That’s why the November mid-term elections are so important. Races in the House and Senate may determine the future of the Biden pro-union agenda.
That’s an agenda Republicans and their far-right corporate backers oppose with huge election financial war chests. That’s an agenda that semi-fascist politicians seek to disable with restrictions on voter access to the ballot box.
Opponents of workers’ rights know how important the mid-term elections. Working people can show they know how important it is to protect their rights by voting for pro-labor candidates and the Biden agenda.
Vote on November 6.