AI has garnered a lot of attention lately. So much so that in late October, President Biden signed a groundbreaking executive order that directly addresses AI technologies and mandates a comprehensive assessment of AI’s impact on the labor market. 
The order directs federal agencies to identify areas where AI may lead to job displacement and requires them to propose strategies to reskill workers, foster job mobility, and protect labor rights.
Other key provisions of the order call for the development of AI systems that are transparent, accountable, and free from bias. It requires the establishment of an AI Ethics Committee to develop ethical guidelines for AI development, deployment, and usage. And it encourages international cooperation on AI standards and ethics with like-minded nations. 
The directive acknowledges the transformative potential of AI and the challenges it poses, emphasizing the need for ethical AI development, robust worker protections, and continued investment in research and development.
Proponents say the executive order sets a significant precedent for responsible AI governance, ensuring that the United States remains a global leader in AI innovation while prioritizing the well-being and job security of its workforce.