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Walk In My Shoes

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In 150 words or less—accompanied by a picture of you at work…Help us walk in your shoes. We’re open to all union members, active, retired, laid off.

“We want rank and file members to help us to illustrate the rich, diverse tapestry of hard working men and women who make up the American labor movement. They are proud of their work and proud of the contributions they make to their communities,” explains Union Label Department President Richard Kline. “We want to demonstrate to American consumers and businesses that union labor gives added value in quality and reliability to products and services that are bought and sold.”

The pictures and stories we get will be published in the Label Letter and posted on the Department’s website—and perhaps in posters and other promotional materials. E-mail a Walk in Your Shoes to: unionlabel@unionlabel.org; or send by regular mail to:

Walk In My Shoes,
c/o Union Label & Service Trades Dept. (AFL-CIO),
815 16th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20005

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Past Walk in My Shoes Submissions

Walk in My Shoes–Tim Sugrue

Walk in My Shoes–Tim Sugrue

By Tim Sugrue, 31-Year Professional Fire Fighter in Montgomery County, MD; District Rep., IAFF Local 1664 6 a.m. relieving the previous 24-hour shift. First order of business: check out the equipment: lights, sirens, tires, fuel. We’re in a semi rural suburban area,...

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Perry Weller—IAFF Local 3468

Perry Weller—IAFF Local 3468

I don’t have holidays off, I work sick, tired, battered and beaten. I do the unthinkable…I’m a firefigher and I am UNION! Even though our days aren’t full of saving babies, we have to ensure fleet readiness, perform business inspections for fire code violations,...

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