by Mike Hall, Nov 1, 2010

The polls open in less than 24 hours in an election that will either keep the nation on a path of economic recovery or turn it back to the same Republicans who drove the economy into the deep ditch that we are starting to climb out of.

The election comes down to the untold tens of millions of dollars in secret corporate campaign contributions versus our boots on the ground and our butts at the ballot box.

We all have good intentions to vote, but we all know what good intentions pave. That’s why we are asking you to sign today this pledge to vote tomorrow.  Even if you are certain you’re going to vote, go ahead and sign up as a re-enforcement, a reminder for when you’re stuck in traffic and think to yourself, “Aw, what the heck, it’s just one vote.”

But that one vote and all the other working family votes might be just the votes we need to create jobs…to stop tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas…to rebuild our middle class…to save social security … and to create a better future for our children.

Because if not, all that corporate money to Republicans and huge campaign donations from wealthy extremists to finance the shadowy front groups’ deluge of twisted and lie-filled television ads will buy what they want out this election. Anti-worker candidates want to:

Don’t let that happen. Click here and take the pledge. Then vote!