Some of our affiliates are using their union label to gin up business. The Bakery, Tobacco, Confectionery and Grain Millers Union has its label on baked goods, for example.

The Painters union maintains a digital database of its business managers to encourage individuals and companies to employ its unionized workforce.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has an online resource of materials made by its members too.
And there are many other organizations doing similar things. We would like to learn of more such promotional activities.

At the 2013 AFL-CIO Convention, a resolution submitted by the UL&STD called for contract negotiations to seek agreement on placing the union label on products and services. We would like to hear from unions that have been successful in doing so.

In fact, technology offers additional means to identify union-made wares; bar codes and scans, which are readable on many devices, could make identification easy.

The UL&STD website links to union websites that list union-made goods and services. We also promote them in the Label Letter and in social media. We look forward to adding more such products and services and the union programs designed to promote them to our own campaigns.