President Biden and the Democrats who support the Labor Movement and its ideals did well in the midterm elections. They and we will have to fight to maintain the momentum for a just society that works for most Americans.

Our adversaries are tied to corporate backers, far right extremists, conspiracy advocates and a deluded former President. Seemingly, it should be easy to counter these misguided folks, but much of the electorate is similarly off base. So, much educational work needs to be done, including among our membership.

Meanwhile, workers around the US, union and non-union alike, are demanding their rights and a better life. Union members are continuing job actions and strikes to gain equitable contracts. The non-union workers are fighting to create or join unions in search of improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions.

Political fortunes rise and fall. The one unfailing source of our strength as a movement is the solidarity we maintain with our brothers and sisters. Looking for the Union Label is a show of solidarity.

Happy Holidays to all. ■