Speakers at the Union Label Convention in St. Louis uniformly cited the key role played by solidarity in their various campaigns.

Among the speaker were APWU President Mark Dimondstein, BCTGM Secretary-Treasurer Steve Bertelli and Missouri State AFL-CIO President Mike
Louis. Speaking on the USPS-Staples campaign, the Mondelez-Nabisco campaign and the referendum on Missouri’s right-to-work law respectively, the speakers told how success was built upon Labor solidarity and appeals to a supportive public.

The Union Label Department unveiled its Union Label app at the Convention. The app, Union Label, on either an Android or Apple platform, is also based on solidarity.

To be successful, our app needs widespread adoption by Union-supportive consumers. It also needs solid support from unions and union members to build the database of products and services that the app will promote. Our app is a work-in-progress, updatable, expandable and interactive.

We plan to list more and more products and services that are truly union-made and union-performed. As our readers and online visitors know, ULSTD takes no advertising, charges no fees and restricts its promotion to union goods and services.

We look forward to getting help from the entire Labor Movement in building this app to its maximum usefulness. Find the app at Apple’s App Store or the Android Store. Or scan the QR Code shown here to get the app. Solidarity works. Get the Union Label app and show your solidarity in the marketplace.