Congressman Bill Pascrell

In a letter to President Biden, New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell says the entire United States Postal Board of Governors should be fired for “dereliction.”

An ardent supporter of the USPS, Pascrell writes,“After several years of unprecedented sabotage, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is teetering on the brink of collapse. Through the devastating arson of the Trump regime, the USPS Board of Governors sat silent. Their dereliction cannot now be forgotten. Therefore, I urge you to fire the entire Board of Governors and nominate a new slate of leaders to begin the hard work of rebuilding our Postal Service for the next century.”

Pursuant to Title 39, the USPS Board of Governors’ central responsibility is to “represent the public interest” and its members may be removed by the President “for cause.” Pascrell is urging President Biden to exercise that legal authority and fire all six sitting members of the Board of Governors for their dereliction and betrayal.■