The downside of globalization has long been apparent: diminished industrial capacity, job losses and service industry disruptions are major examples. Foreign-made goods from autos to tee shirts and services from call centers to medical testing would be better sourced at home.

The current upheaval in US supply chains has been occasioned by the pandemic and Trump administration trade policies, according to some observers. The real issue is the vulnerability that the situation exposes. The United States is unable to provide adequately for its needs. Consumer goods, military gear, technology and more are dependent on off-shore suppliers, some of whom have little affection for the United States.

It is well past the time to correct this problem. President Biden has called for buying American-made goods for government use. Many industries see the virtue in having suppliers near at hand as opposed to having their necessities parked on container ships in overwhelmed ports.

Consumers pay inflationary prices for short-stocked goods from overseas. Why continue to put up with this?

The infrastructure legislation languishing in Washington along with Biden’s Build Back Better program would go a long way to improving what is a grave economic issue that harms American workers and their families on many levels. Reshoring industry creates jobs lost to globalization and strengthens families, communities, industries and the country.

Pass the Infrastructure and Build Back Better bills and bring jobs home. ■