On April 12, 1909 the Union Label and Service Trades Department was founded. Its mission, promote the products and services of union members. In the 113 years since, the mission of the department has not changed.
This June, the Department will hold its 71st Constitutional Convention and reaffirm its commitment to promoting union-made products and services. One of the ways the Department works to fulfill its duties is by maintaining its database of union-made products and services.
As the Department continues to build out the database, we rely on affiliates to submit accurate information on the products and services made by their members. In addition, we also rely on unions to advise the Department when a company is no longer unionized or has gone out of business.
Our database should be the go-to place for conscious consumers looking to vote “Union Yeswith their pocketbooks. We cannot do that alone. We encourage readers to add known union-made products and services to our database. Use the form online at: https://unionlabel.org/suggest-a-business/
For unions wanting to submit an excel spreadsheet or google sheet, we can accomodate you. Just contact the department at unionlabel@unionlabel.org to make arrangements.
Also in our database, we have begun to compile a list of local unions. You don’t want to be left off. Visit the database to see if your local is listed yet. If not, contact us to be included.