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Look for these union-made-in-the-USA products and services while shopping. Buying union-made supports good jobs. America is at its best when we say and shop UNION YES!

Boycott List

The Department maintains and publishes the “Don’t Buy” list of companies being boycotted and the products and services involved. In addition, you can see information on boycott updates.

Label Letter

The Label Letter is the official newsletter of the Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO. The bi-monthly publication is mailed to some 25,000 labor leaders, activists and union members six times a year.
Walsh Walks the Line with Kellogg’s Workers

Walsh Walks the Line with Kellogg’s Workers

In an unprecedented show of support from the Biden Administration, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh joined Kellogg’s workers on a picket line in October. Walsh, a 32-year member of Laborers’ Local 223 in Boston, told striking workers outside the Kellogg Company plant in...

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Two-Tier Wage Systems Fueling Strikes

According to Bloomberg Law’s database of work stoppages, the U.S. has seen nearly 40 strikes since August 1. That number is almost double the number of work actions compared to the same time last year. After decades of decline in influence and power, organized labor...

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Take the Buy Union Pledge

Take the Buy Union Pledge I pledge to buy union-made-in-the-USA whenever possible. I know that by purchasing union-made products and services I am supporting working families in my community and beyond. We all need to do our part. As union members how we spend our hard earned dollars makes a difference in the lives of our families, friends and neighbors. Our purchases also help keep good, middle class jobs here in the USA. I’ll do my part to support working families by pledging to buy union.

Globalization and Its Woes

The downside of globalization has long been apparent: diminished industrial capacity, job losses and service industry disruptions are major examples. Foreign-made goods from autos to tee shirts and services from call centers to medical testing would be better sourced...

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